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Textone is an online electronic music label with associated magazine elements, manifesting itself in word and sound; a channel that lets ideas and expressions circulate freely in public, with the goal of generating an open exchange of thoughts and works within the electronic music community. See our website for more information.

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by lump
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One clear spring day we received a CD in the mail with the following inscription: "thought to send you some tracks that you might find interesting and maybe release them on textone." 24 minutes laster we had the next textone release ready to go. This is not Lump's first release here and we are very pleased to be able to host another excellent 4 tracker from our man in Finland....or England...or wherever it is that Lump is at today. The tracks are signature Lump sound with a bit more...
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What's the Finnish winter like? This textone release by Lump will shed some light on this question and promises to kick your brain into new dimensions. The super low bass and the ultra high highs made us all wonder if Lump has no neighbors. Can he hear frequencies only animals can? Lump delivers solid minimal cuts. Atmospheres layered with nostalgia covered in nordic winds and deepness from which to keep children away. Hot grooves from a very very cold place. Warms our hearts to e able to pass...
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Topics: Minimal-Dub, Textone, Microsound, Listening Techno
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